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As a lover of Tudor history, we understand that you want to connect as deeply to the past as possible. And as fellow history devotees, we know it is not enough to simply read about the past; if you want to truly understand the past, you need to see it and experience it. 

All of us at Simply Tudor Tours have spent most of our lives immersed in fantastic heritage locations here in the UK. We had the experience of standing in a place where a critical Tudor event unfolded and feeling the thrill of touching the past – literally.

Such precious moments invite a deeper connection with the past, one that opens up new insights that are impossible to grasp when we can only read about Tudor history in the pages of a book…

Did you know…

It’s only time and not space that separates us from the past?

How might Anne Boleyn have felt when she stood trial in the Great Hall at the Tower? Standing in the comparative Great Hall in Winchester, you will sense how intimidating it must have been.

What might Henry VII have felt as he landed at Mill Bay on 7 August 1485, ready to confront the York King, Richard III? What immediate challenges faced him? Visit Mill Bay and see the steep craggy cliffs for yourself!

We have been making such journeys across UK and Europe for the last decade and more in our quest for new insights and to connect more deeply with our Tudor forefathers…now we want the same for you and to be your guides on the ground…

…And because we know that Tudor history lovers worldwide long to share the same experience, we have created the perfect place for you to do just that: Simply Tudor Tours

Simply Tudor Tours aims to provide the perfect fusion of seeing and doing so that you can not only see Tudor history in the places, tombs and objects that remain behind but also immerse yourself in the past and touch the sixteenth century like never before!

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

“We aim to provide the perfect fusion of Seeing and Doing so that you can not only see Tudor history in the places, tombs and objects that remain behind but also Immerse yourself in the past.”

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Director | Author |Historian

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