Love Letters from Simply Tudor Tours: Calling All Anne Boleyn Fans!

In our series of ‘love letters’ from the team here at Simply Tudor Tours, we will share our love for our work, bringing incredible in-the-flesh experiences to Tudor history lovers from all four corners of Planet Earth. If you want to send us a ‘love letter’ back, feel free to pen us a note in the comments or drop us a message via our contact page.

Today, we are writing to Anne Boleyn fans across the globe. If you love Anne Boleyn and are looking for a tour which explores her story through the lens of some of the most pivotal locations associated with her life, then this love letter is for you, my friend!

If you have just come across Simply Tudor Tours, you might be curious to find out more about us and understand why we dedicate our time to creating incredible ‘in-person’ experiences for Tudor history lovers to delight in. Well, every story has a beginning. Sometimes, that beginning reaches way back into our past.

Such is the case with me. I am Sarah Morris, a.k.a The Tudor Travel Guide. To make sense of why I am here, offering people the option to travel alongside me in person and see, first-hand, some of the most awesome Tudor places on the planet, I need to take you back to my childhood.

Sarah Morris, co-Founder of ‘Simply Tudor Tours’

If you have been following me for a while, you may have heard me speak before about how some of my most treasured childhood memories are of spending happy weekends with my parents and visiting heritage properties around the North of England. It instilled in me a love of historic places, and I have spent a near-lifetime being mesmerised by the echoes of the past that call to me when I visit ruined castles, moated manor houses or grand stately homes. 

I have always had a vivid imagination, and visiting historic properties has been my portal to immerse myself in the sixteenth century. These experiences have only heightened in recent years as I have more deliberately begun to fuse my love of Tudor history with my research and writing about tales of the past. Time and time again, I have noticed how much my appreciation of the stories I have read about in books comes alive in unexpected and delightful ways when I hit the road to explore where events took place.

For Tudor history lovers like you and I, not only does this help me learn more about the Tudor age, but I am left with a delicious sense of ‘coming home’ which is so real but incredibly difficult to put into words (I know as I have spoken to so many followers of The Tudor Travel Guide who feel precisely the same!)

The View of the Astor Wing at Hever Castle through an Open Window. Image: Author’s Own

Perhaps because of this, I often get asked about whether I lead tours, and now, finally, I am delighted to be able to answer: ‘Yes, I do’! After months of preparation, last month, on October 7, my fellow Tudor blogger, author and podcaster, Adam Pennington and I launched our new venture, Simply Tudor Tours, by opening booking for our inaugural tour, The Rise & Fall of Anne Boleyn. In crafting our new offering, we have kept our fellow Tudor lovers at the forefront of our minds, creating tours tailored explicitly for Tudor history lovers by Tudor history lovers. 

Our litmus test for deciding whether what we have created cuts the mustard is simple. I ask myself, ‘Would we be blown away by what I would see and experience; would I be offering experiences that would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to experience if I was trying to arrange this on my own? And would I come home buzzing and with a suitcase jammed full of memories to last a lifetime?’

Have we achieved that with this itinerary? We think so! Adam and I have drawn upon our expertise and connections in the heritage sector to craft experiences that would be virtually impossible to find when travelling independently as a tourist. And while there’s no doubt that there is a sense of adventure when travelling alone, if you want everything to be taken care of for you while you are on tour, such that all you have to do is transport yourself to the pickup point before relaxing and enjoying a carefully crafted experience of a lifetime, then Simply Tudor Tours is precisely what you are looking for! 

Booking for this Tudor tour has got off to a flying start, and we are already over 60% full. So, if you want to learn more about us, check out our ‘About Us’ page. But if you are revved up and ready to go, and you are thinking, ‘I want to be on that tour’, then check out the info page for more information, while the booking page with details of the price, booking options and an outline itinerary can be found here!

In the meantime, I’ll be back next week with some of the most exciting highlights you could look forward to if you join us next year as we explore The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn.

That’s all for now,


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